17 Jul 2023

The Federation of Kenya Employers was privileged to host a delegation from the Government of Zimbabwe at Waajiri House on 13th July 2023. The objective of the visit was to share best practices in labour migration management as well as understand the labour migration governance framework for Kenya.

 The Zimbabwe delegation was led by Ms. Nyashal , Director Public Service, Labour and Social welfare,  and accompanied by representatives from different agencies and organizations including;- Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Private Employment Agencies Association of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions.  

 The delegation was received by Mr. Stephen Obiro, Head of Advocacy, Consulting and Partnership, who was representing Ms. Jacqueline Mugo, the Executive Director and CEO at the Federation of Kenya Employers. In his opening remarks, Mr. Obiro underscored FKE’s commitment in supporting initiatives that promote ethical, safe and orderly labour migration practices, which ultimately benefits both the migrant workers, country of origin, and the destination countries. “FKE supports clear, transparent, and efficient migration policies that are conducive to business, catalysing innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship - the building blocks of sustainable growth and development. We underline the importance of putting in place well thought and practical policies that are predictable and adaptable for harnessing the developmental benefits of migration and meeting the fast-changing requirements of the business and the different groups of workers” he said.

On her part, Ms. Nyashal Bore noted that there is a sharp increase in labour migration in her country,  especially in the recruitment of service workers who end up in different foreign countries. She acknowledged that these blessings had also come with challenges such as unethical recruitment practices which in some instances has caused some job seekers to become victims of forced labour, servitude, trafficking, slavery and exploitation. She noted that the government of Zimbabwe was keen on ensuring its migrant workers remain safe in the labour market destinations and has already put in place measures such as the development of the National Labour Migration Policy to improve the governance of labour migration in the country.

 Ms. Nyashal extended her gratitude to Ms. Jacqueline Mugo, Executive Director and CEO, of the Federation of Kenya Employers for allowing the FKE team to share best practices in Labour Migration. She was confident that this would go a long way in conceptual understanding of fair and ethical recruitment and its fundamental principles by stakeholders.

The Federation of Kenyan Employer’s (FKE) approach to labour migration is based on Mobility, Development and Protection. FKE regards regular labour migration as a key pillar of economic integration and development and believes both countries of origin and destination benefit from fair, efficient and well-implemented migration policies that permit the free movement of workers when and where they are needed.