Mastercraft Persons (MCP) award is a new initiative by International Labour Organization (ILO) in partnership with Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE). The award is aimed at promoting skills development to improve the employability of workers, productivity of enterprises and the inclusiveness for economic growth. The award will therefore recognize the best performing MCPs, motivate Small and Micro Enterprises (Jua Kali) in the informal sector while at the same time promoting learning, quality jobs and decent work. The population for the ward will be workshops cutting across different sectors/trades where those in charge of running the workshops (MCPs) will be targeted. 
Through the validation process done in the three counties; Kilifi, Kitui and Busia Different sectors/ trades will be targeted including: Welding and Fabrication, Catering, Hairdressing, Carpentry and joinery, Motor vehicle / Motor Cycle repairs, Clothing and Textile, Events management, Electronics and Electrical work, Computer Technology and ICT, Building and construction and Music Production. 
Out of all these sectors, 9 MCP’s were chosen as the winners and the federation launched the Master crafts Person’s Awards ceremony held on the 22nd October 2021 at the Movenpick Hotel.