The SIYB programme is a system of inter-related training packages and supporting materials for small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. It aims at increasing the viability of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through management principles suitable for the environment of developing countries.

The ILO assists Business Development Service (BDS) organizations to develop the skills required to implement, monitor, manage and finance the training programme, and sets up a sustainable training system at the national level, thus contributing to sustainable economic growth and employment generation.

The SIYB programme is structured into four separate training packages, Generate Your Business Idea (GYB), Start Your Business (SYB), Improve Your Business (IYB), and Expand Your Business (EYB) which are designed to respond to the progressive stages of business development. Generate Your Business Idea (GYB) is intended for people who would like to start a business, and who, through the training, develop a concrete business idea ready for implementation. A GYB course typically lasts 2-3 days. Start Your Business (SYB) is for potential entrepreneurs who want to start a small business and already have a concrete business idea.

The programme is a combination of training, field work and after-training support, and helps participants assess their readiness to start a business and to prepare a business plan and evaluate its viability. SYB courses are usually delivered in 5 days Improve Your Business (IYB) introduces already practising entrepreneurs to good principles of business management. Its six modules (marketing, costing, buying and stock control, record keeping, planning for your business, and people and productivity) can be taught individually or all combined in a full course.

If the full course using all modules is delivered, its duration is approximately 7 days Expand Your Business (EYB) gives growth-oriented SMEs the practical tools for business growth, assisting them through training and non-training interventions with a focus on business strategy to expand their business.

The main output from the training programme is a business growth plan, which includes chapters on marketing, operations, human resources, financial and strategic management. Chapters can also be used as stand-alone training and support products. If the full content of EYB is delivered, its duration is 1-2 weeks; like for the shorter courses above, the course delivery can be spread over a longer time span