28 Mar 2024

In an era where digital transformation is at the forefront of modernizing business operations, the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) in collaboration with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has taken a significant step. Together, they  hosted a pivotal webinar on the implementation and nuances of the Electronic Tax Invoice Management System (eTIMS), a move that signals a monumental shift towards streamlining tax administration and compliance in Kenya.



The webinar aimed to achieve several critical objectives:

  • Educate: To provide comprehensive information to employers on the functionalities, benefits, and requirements of eTIMS.
  • Demonstrate: To showcase the system's capabilities and how it integrates with existing business systems.
  • Facilitate: To create a platform for addressing concerns, clarifying doubts, and offering solutions to potential challenges that employers may face during the implementation process.
  • Collaborate: To foster a spirit of cooperation between the business community and the tax authority, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.


The webinar on eTIMS hosted by the Federation of Kenya Employers in collaboration with the Kenya Revenue Authority marks a significant milestone in Kenya's journey towards digital tax administration. By embracing technology, Kenya is not only streamlining its tax processes but also setting a standard for other nations to follow. For businesses, the transition to eTIMS is not just a regulatory requirement but an opportunity to enhance operational efficiency and foster growth. As the digital landscape evolves, such initiatives ensure that Kenya's business and tax systems remain robust, transparent, and efficient.