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Female Future Leadership Development programme


The Female Future Leadership Development Programme aims at strengthening gender equality in the workplace by improving women’s representation in management and control as well as draw more women to the top echelons of the public and private sector in all organizations and leadership positions. The Programme was developed in partnership with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and is for the growth-oriented career lady in mid-to-top level management position in the private sector, public sector and civil society, aspiring to be at the apex of both political and corporate leadership.




The primary objective of the Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Relations programme is to enable managers and professional to make effective contributions to the organizations by increasing their understanding and skills in effective industrial relations management. The programme that is jointly offered by FKE and United States International University focuses on theory law and application of the primary knowledge and skills required for those working in Industrial Relations, Human Resource management, and related areas.




Adopt-A-school is one of FKE’s successful strategies targeting the elimination of child labour through education. This initiative calls upon businesses to support schools with infrastructure development, school feeding, income generating activities, bursary schemes and uniforms. The main focus of Adopt-A-school is to promote improved access of education, equity, and improved transition rates from primary to secondary schools.


Executive Recruitment and Selection


FKE offers packages of recruitment services to clients whose scope is exclusive to the recruitment of managers and senior executives. We customize the offer to the needs of the client in the ranges of talent search, advertising, short listing and interviews. Our recruitment database is rich with curricula vitae for various professions, experience and talent. This coupled with our constant touch with industry through our vast membership has placed FKE in a unique position to provide recruitment solutions that are a cut above the rest. We have a credible history in both private and public sector, and we continue to add value to our services to empower our members to effectively manage their human resource.

Employer of the Year Award

The Employer of the Year Awards is an initiative of FKE that seeks to fete organizations which see people at the core of their businesses and have implemented policies, systems and processes that create and sustain enterprise competitiveness, productivity along with industrial peace and harmony. The awards to be held annually, provides a platform for of identifying, ranking and recognising excellence in Leadership, Corporate Performance, Human Resource Management and Corporate Social Responsibility amongst all employers in Kenya.

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