20 Reasons for joining and paying up for your FKE Membership:


1. As a member, you have at your disposal, a wide range of services offered by highly qualified team of Legal & Industrial Relations experts, who provide both labour specific legal advice and representation at the Ministry of labour, social security and services office for free, and at Employment & Labour Relations Courts at discounted rates.

2. FKE has a wide nation-wide geographical coverage, hence bringing services at your door step from the regional offices. 

3. FKE members benefit from the advocacy and lobbying on policies and regulations that govern employers on behalf of members both locally and internationally.

4. Well qualified Management and training consultants, who enable member organization to benefit  and embrace the culture of best practices at work place

5. FKE members also benefit from trainings, which are  carried out throughout the year with  an option of in-house and open courses; all are offered to members at discounted rates and assurance of National Industrial Training Authority refund

6. Advice on workplace employee wellness and policy Implementation

7. At the Federation, members benefit from policy documents and statistics that facilitate business practice.

8. Representation on various national committees, boards, and government policy formulation discussions key to our members

9. Members enjoy the organized quarterly forums that allow business networking and partnership within the membership base

10. FKE is involved in national budget proposals and post budget implementation analysis

11. Strategic Corporate Social responsibility activities and sensitization sessions for members

12. Sharing of well researched information on economic indicators and labour issues

13. Secretariat  Services to Trade Associations

14. Exclusive access to FKE resource centres countrywide

15. Exclusive access to FKE online resources; weekly e-shots and Quarterly Newsletter

16. Opportunity to advertise in FKE Annual Report and Website at discounted rates

17. Participation during FKE Open day: Annual event to exhibit FKE services

18. Opportunities of business leads through networking platforms with our vast Membership

19. Proof of Member-based Membership  in good standing

20. Opportunities to partner with FKE in various activities to market your products

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