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21 March 2017
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To our panelists Mr. Daniel Ogutu, HR Director at the Kenya Ports Authority and Ms. Jacqueline Anundo, Senior Clini… https://t.co/d2r0kbue9u
“Stigma, fear of being tested and loosing jobs has made KPA think about wellness programs centered on the wholistic… https://t.co/BByGtWmVeW
“All employees whether working from home, on unpaid leave or on part pay should feel part of the organization. Cont… https://t.co/7JdnBPQWL4
“Keeping those working from home or on unpaid leave physically and mentally healthy is the challenge that employers… https://t.co/uHxityjdhb
From our 9th Webinar, it is evident that a wholistic approach towards employee wellness is critical for enterprise… https://t.co/3CV1z4sHdt
What are the joint Wellness responsibilities for Employers and Employees ?
Happening right now our 9th Webinar which looks into Employee Wellness programs in the midst of #COVID19KE. What p… https://t.co/0hjpnnogrJ
Join us on Wed, 3rd June 2020 at 10:00 A.M as we discuss What Matters? Rethinking Employee wellness programs in vie… https://t.co/vABX3ClfWb
FKE Monthly Newsletter May 2020 in case you missed it, find it here 👉🏾👉🏾https://t.co/JOD3iTUHr8 https://t.co/32v0vPJHzu
We must agree that the workplace is changing and changing very first. Are we prepared? Read all about it from… https://t.co/03QdxN45zp
The Industrial and Legal Services at FKE are still open and members can access the office for direct assistance or… https://t.co/xDTBPW85WS
The Federation continues to encourage employers to incorporate Alternative Dispute Resolution methods into their em… https://t.co/IGUULn365N
Our 8th webinar unpacked the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and presented updates on dispute res… https://t.co/Sfyrs9c6es
RT @ILO_EASTAFRICA: 10 things workers and employers can do together to ensure a #SafeReturn to work. https://t.co/E3cHcLJBIV https://t.co/n…
The Federation of Kenya Employers wishes all our Muslim brothers and sisters a happy and safe Eid Mubarak.… https://t.co/GZGrIiuDPL
Join us on Wednesday, 27th of May at 10:00 A.M as we unpack the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the tripa… https://t.co/bS9i195Jv6
Are we ready to resume normal business? Send us your thoughts on whether Kenya should slowly start opening up for b… https://t.co/VYLcwD01Qw
It is very unclear whether Kenya is ready to restart based on the limited publicly available data on health care ca… https://t.co/NKMaUe7fAV
“The war is not over, the low number is not and indication that we have flattened the curve. We are putting ourselv… https://t.co/MMpXv0RnXb
Are we ready? "Resumption of normal operations is a delicate balance between public health & safety versus economic… https://t.co/mXk7SwZzzs
Mike Macharia:- During this, extraordinary times, business need to make extraordinary decisions and measures to get… https://t.co/SUSGCWd47j
The webinar explored the business, health and economic perspective towards Kenya's preparedness in resuming normal… https://t.co/VbLVaTrXmz
Is it safe to return to work? "The crucial considerations are Timing and Safety. Not too soon, not too late and sho… https://t.co/rZaT3LcYZz