Following the successful elections held at the 57th National Annual General Meeting, We are pleased to inform that the following have been elected to the Management Board and Board of Trustees for the Federation of Kenya Employers.


Mr. Mark Joseph Obuya,

National President

Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Insurance Company (K) Ltd


Mr. Habil Olaka,

First National Vice President

Chief Executive Officer

Kenya Bankers Association


Ms. Gilda Odera

Second National Vice President

Managing Director

Skyweb Technologies Limited


Mr. Linus Wang’ombe Gitahi, MBS

Immediate Past President


Tropikal Brands (K) Limited,


Mr. John Kipkorir,


Private Security Training Academy,


Eng. Erastus K. Mwongera, FIEK, KCE, CBS


Sameer Africa


Mr. Charles Owelle

Regional Vice President,

FKE Western Kenya Branch

Managing Director,

Chemelil Sugar Company Limited


Mr. Zulfikarali Haroonani,

Regional Vice President,

FKE Coast Branch


Shehnai Restaurant


Mr. Apollo N Kiarii

Regional Vice President,

FKE Rift Valley Branch

Executive Officer

Kenya Tea Growers’ Association


Mr. Patrick E. O Obath, MBS

C/O Eduardo & Associates

Laiboni Centre


Mr. Michael Macharia

Chief Executive Officer

Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers


Eng. David Onyango

Managing Director

Kisumu Water & Sewerage Company Ltd


Mr. John Karanja


Kenya Security Industry Association,


Mrs. Tabitha Karanja

Chief Executive Officer,

Keroche Breweries Limited,


Mr. Joe Muganda

Chief Executive Officer

Nation Media Group


Mr. Christopher H. Malavu,

Board of Trustees

Managing Director,

4M Enterprises,

(within Limuru Bata Premises)


Mr. Aram M. Mbui, AFAE, MKIM

Board of Trustees

Managing Director,

Rift Valley Machinery Services Ltd.



Mr. Hirji Shah, OGW

Board of Trustees


Kaluworks Ltd.

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