Dear member,

Following the directive of the Head of State on precautionary measures to be taken by corporates and institutions to curb the spread and minimize the risk of infection of the coronavirus-covid-19, the Federation of Kenya Employers wishes to advise employers to:-

1. Take the alert of Corona Virus seriously

The Coronavirus Covid-19 is an infectious condition that is spread directly or indirectly from one person to another through the respiratory tract (nose, throat, airways and lungs) and is highly infectious. Employers are therefore advised to take the coronavirus alerts very seriously and put in place safety and health measures as advised by the Government and the World Health Organization (WHO) to avoid, avert and minimize the risk of infection at the workplace.

The measures can be found at and

2. Where possible allow employees to work from home

H.E. The President on 15th March 2020 directed that:

Where possible, government offices, businesses and companies are encouraged to allow employees to work from home, with the exception of employees working in critical or essential services”

Employers are therefore encouraged to assess the essential services and core functions that require physical presence of employees at the workplace and minimize the risk of exposure to infection of employees by allowing those employees not required at the workplace to work from home. Where the possibility of working from home is not viable and it is absolutely necessary to have employees at the workplace, employers are encouraged to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment by providing protective gear and putting in place safety measures

3. Restrict traveling of employees out of their duty stations on official duties

As it has been demonstrated, the virus is very infectious, and we need to break the chain by limiting the exposure to other people. The Federation therefore asks the employers to restrict travel of their employees for official duties outside their duty stations.

4. Issue guidelines on COVID-19 to your employees

We ask employers to issue guidelines to their employees on covid-19 virus covering understanding how the virus spreads, how to prevent being infected, what to do in case the staff is infected and the mechanism the employer has put in place to help employees deal with the corona virus pandemic.

5. Adopt the protocols directed by H.E. the President on 15th March 2020 at your workplace 

H.E. The President on 15th March 2020 while announcing the confirmation of two more cases of Corona Virus infection in Kenya, issued a number of protocols to be observed. We ask employers to domesticate the protocols and implement them at their workplaces including sensitizing the employees on them.

6. Sensitize your employees on protective measures

Employers are encouraged to constantly and consistently sensitize their staff about the protective and personal hygiene measures they need to undertake to avoid the risk of infection or spreading the decease such as constantly washing their hands with soap through both formal and informal modes of communication.

7. Court proceedings are suspended for the next 14 days

The Judiciary and the National Council on the Administration of Justice has taken measures to prevent the spread of covid -19 by scaling down the court activities throughout the country by maintaining a skeleton staff to handle only urgent matters. There will be no open court appearances and only urgent matters shall be attended to (see attached the said directives).

8. All meetings at FKE are suspended

The Federation of Kenya Employers has suspended all scheduled meetings at the Federation and shall provide members with remote services of consultation via email and telephone. Kindly make use of the digital (online) means and telephone to get services from FKE. We also encourage employers to avoid meetings and crowds at workplaces.

9. Put in place measures to deal with situations where an employee becomes infected

In the event of suspicion of an infected person at the workplace, employers are encouraged to report the same immediately to the contacts provided by the Ministry of Health, to quarantine the entire workplace so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

10. Keep FKE informed of the effect of COVID-19 at your workplace

The Federation encourages members to keep it informed of the impact the Corona Virus challenges has on its operations. This will inform further updates and proposals on mitigation measures.

FKE Hotlines

Kindly do not hesitate to contact our officers by telephone (+254709827100) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) For service or to inform FKE on the challenges being experienced.

Yours sincerely


Jacqueline Mugo, EBS

CEO/Executive Director

Date: 18th March 2020

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