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Open house training at Hotel Waterbuck in Nakuru on Current trends in Occupational Safety and Health Management at… https://t.co/mhboxugr8w
"When you consider GDP per person employed in Africa, what an African worker produces in 5hours, the worker in the… https://t.co/lDKxEsA7pn
FKE CEO & BUSINESSAfrica Secretary General Jacqueline Mugo @Jacquelinemugo2 and Labour CS Hon Ukur Yatani… https://t.co/caqRqpSqpv
Employers spokesperson, FKE Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo @Jacquelinemugo2, in a spirited effort ensured that… https://t.co/9xvGcsHqjw
RT @ilo: Maternity Protection is a right for all women and a benefit to the entire society. https://t.co/9YY6PSsUHE
RT @Tzoro1: What a hard working period the GB meetings were-very tough and important discussions for the whole period - good that it has en…
RT @Jacquelinemugo2: Great Meeting of GAN networks here in Geneva. FKE will launch GanKenya next year! https://t.co/mTWmth9W04
FKE Executive Director Jacqueline Mugo @Jacquelinemugo2 at the 334th session of the ILO Governing Body in Geneva f… https://t.co/zRdMOqDzhS
RT @Jacquelinemugo2: Warm congratulations to Roberto as he takes up this role. Wellderved!! https://t.co/oU480MVfBB
RT @blaise_matthey: The Employers’ Group and IOE’s team at the 334th ILO Governing Body in Geneva@FERGeneve https://t.co/TMGzpICezd
IMG_5837 #flickr https://t.co/LtCbfPL9uK, Federation of Kenya Employers Executive Director at the ILO 334th session
RT @ilo: Limit physical and psychological stress at the workplace with @ILO's Stress Prevention at Work Checkpoints app here: https://t.co/…
@AfricaTopJobs ,@BusinessAfrica3 ,@FKEKenya ,@ILOAfrica ,Delegates at the on going African Top Jobs Private Sector… https://t.co/zyDfTA9WsT
RT @rosemmwaura: @AfricaTalksJobs day one representing Employers @FKEKenya @ BusinessAfrica https://t.co/GJykS7V8Qz
RT @Shapyah: @AfricaTalksJobs Private sector and dialogue on youth entrepreneurship promotion Roundtable has just kicked off at the @_Afric
Congratulations @KenyaAirways on this milestone achievement. https://t.co/X9PhfXAonH
RT @ilo: How should minimum wages be set? This new paper looks at the role of social dialogue in setting national minimum wages: https://t…
@ILOAfrica, Top Jobs in Addis Ababa now in session. https://t.co/YpSfGQ4g6Z
The African Talks Jobs Private Sector RoundTable kicks off in Addis Ababa on 30th October 2018. The Skills Initiati… https://t.co/mRyqm1mTyN
FKE Coast region Manager Mr. Salim Mwawaza taking participants through Emerging issues from Court rulings and Curre… https://t.co/sgE7BEjSgL
RT @ILOAfrica: Youth have the #skills, knowledge & willpower to become the generation that will help achieve the #GlobalGoals. Join us 2 sc…
RT @FKEKenya: Have you been struggling to understand some of the latest court rulings and how the law interprets them? Well, if you are in…
RT @ilo: Join us tomorrow as we speak about building appropriate social security systems for all with ILO Director-General @GuyRyder and UN…
What it takes to be a good employer;;https://t.co/aUDaQBzfXY