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Meet Key Specific Industry leaders @KTNNewsKE today at 7:30pm for an informative discussion on this World Day for… https://t.co/Nmx4VGwQUV
Are you an FKE Member in Western Region? Join us for the Western Region Annual General Meeting on 21st April 2021… https://t.co/0PfXDJ7mw7
@bob_gikks @bob_gikks Thank you for this constructive thought. This is well noted
FKE Congratulates all newly elected Coast branch officials including; Dr. Sam Ikwaye , the FKE Coast regional Bra… https://t.co/MAQiPesa6c
"On international , Our tourism revenues are majorly generated from USA, UK, China and India, regionally we genera… https://t.co/6hBGrEWOju
"We need to foster positive engagements with all stakeholders including the government on a mutual respect so as to… https://t.co/RFJtvZs7P1
"We see an opportunity in the Pandemic. We encourage our members to review their mode of operation and adopt the ne… https://t.co/3N9bX2DWig
"Covid-19 has made our regional and Continental integration urgent. We have realized that trading and establishing… https://t.co/ODBWVbGmOV
"We adopted a mindset of not lamenting about the challenges we faced but looked for solutions that enable us to ser… https://t.co/Qt3lvV9BKo
"FKE Members remained resilient despite the challenges brought by COVID-19 Pandemic. Most Hotels Operated under 10%… https://t.co/dlNunJrrKi
We are now live on zoom for the FKE Coast Branch AGM https://t.co/YjwS1OxGQR
We are happy to have inducted 12 new members in the FKE family. Every FKE member has access to various services whi… https://t.co/cD6Q8aLl1k
Do you want to Start a business ? or Do you need to Improve on your existing business ? then register today for the… https://t.co/1iEHt7oV3d
Join us for the Coast Region Annual General Meeting on 15th April 2021 at 10.30 a.m to share insights on COVID-19… https://t.co/bJoKOtl3wN
RT @RuthChitwa: It’s the little things that make it worthwhile. Grab your @NationNewspaper today and learn about the future of the workplac…
Dear Esteemed Members, The Federation of Kenya Employers wishes you a Happy Easter Holiday. Spread hope, joy and p… https://t.co/anv3RUlVHg
"Vision 2030 Identifies training as one of the key pillar to drive skills and competencies. successful development… https://t.co/NFdLWkrx95
RT @nita_kenya: NITA Chairman Dr. Gachigi: The informal sector is a critical sector and NITA has established key partnerships with key indu…
RT @nita_kenya: PS Labour Eng. Tum: Industry is an active participant in the process of industrial training, not just through demanding ski…
RT @ntvkenya: 'Kenya has the highest youth unemployment rate in East Africa.' More than 60% of jobs to be created in the country today req…
"TVET is a valued alternative of creating future jobs in Kenya and there is need for strengthening collaborations… https://t.co/pKzv5WpFA1
RT @ntvkenya: Jaqueline Mugo: TVETs are not for failures, they are for brilliant young people who want to work with their hands. #Industr