Industrial Relations


Industrial Relations


Your workforce can be your greatest asset. Realizing its full potential is a responsibility and sometimes a challenge. In the ordinary course of day-to-day employment, conflict is, unfortunately, inevitable. Disputes will arise between employees and between employees and management. If ignored or if not properly dealt with, such conflicts can become damaging to the working environment and to productivity. Organisations must, therefore, be able to settle workplace grievances fairly and efficiently, otherwise they may well pay a high cost.

FKE offers free guidance on a broad range of Industrial Relations and Human

Resource policies including, trade disputes, redundancy management, conflict management, collective bargaining agreements (with the union), termination of services, discipline management and best labour practices at work place.

FKE members have access to an Industrial Relations advisor to provide expert advice on difficult grievance, disciplinary and other industrial relations/human resource issues. They represent member organisations in negotiations with trade unions and at industrial relations institutions. They will advise you on all aspects of human resources and industrial relations at no extra fee.

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