Course Overview:

To strengthen gender equality in the workplace, improve women’s representation in management and control, as well as draw more women to the top echelon of the private and public sectors as part of the efforts to ensure sufficient qualified woman power in all organisations and leadership positions.

Benefits and skills acquired for participants.

  • Prospects of moving yourself to the top echelon of power in any setup.
  • How to exploit your inner potential
  • How to run any organisation as a business
  • Self-confidence as you lead teams.
  • Unmatched oratory and negotiation skills

Benefits for organizations

  • Improve the risk/return ratio for your organization by applying systematic approaches to leadership.
  • Achieving gender equity productively
  • Managing for performance; and coaching staff from diverse backgrounds
  • A sizable number of women at the helm improves risk management.

Who can do it / Target Audience

The growth-oriented career lady in mid-to-top level management position in the private sector, public sector, and civil society, aspiring to be at the apex of both political and corporate leadership.

NB. A similar programme was started in Norway about 10 years ago by our partners because of a quota law that demanded 40% of members in boards to be women. By 2010 62% of the women who took part had either been promoted to leadership positions or Board membership. The figure rose to 89% in 2012.

A baseline survey conducted by the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) showed that the upward mobility of women into most management positions, especially to the positions of chief executive officers and board members, is unsatisfactory.  Therefore, FKE has developed and customized this program for all ambitious women in Kenya.

To date the program has benefitted over 250 women.

Program Road Map

  1. Leadership Development Module

This module seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Who Am I? (Strengths/Resources, Values, Personal Authority, Role Analysis)
  • What Do I want? (Visualization of Personal Goals, Career Anchors, Choices and Plans)
  • How Do I get There? (Self-Development Plan, Personal Branding, Power and Trust)
  • How Do I remain at the apex?
  • Which are the most relevant approaches to leadership and leadership development?
  1. Rhetoric Module

This module covers:

  • How to use your words, your voice, and your body to put across your ideas and feelings to and give your message the greatest possible effect.
  • How to understand and manage various audiences
  • Learning from the best orators, appropriate body language
  • Confronting the fear of the stage
  • Presentation skills
  1. Board Competence Module

This module addresses:

  • Board competence, role of board committees, how to manage top level meetings, board evaluation, board dynamics
  • Judicial framework for the board of directors
  • Economy and the board of directors, board of directors’ competence model, raising capital and stock markets, strategy of the board
  • Understanding Financial Management Reporting, how to read the balance sheet. How to ensure governance and accountability at the top and bottom of the fi nancial sector
  • Business ethics, code of conduct, corporate governance, self-regulation, and emotional intelligence


9 months offered over 1 well distributed days (Friday & Saturday) with assignments in between.


Lectures, case studies, role play, and assignments delivered by world class facilitators.


Conducive learning environment in top class hotels in Nairobi or Mombasa for the Physical sessions and some online sessions.


Registration Fee: KES 5,000

Tuition Fee: KES 285,000 + 16 % VAT (Payable in Instalments).

FKE NITA Registration: NITA/TRN/81/VOL.1 (20b)

(The Program is NITA Reimbursable)


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