27 Jun 2023

The Federation of Kenya Employers held the 64th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 26th June 2023 at Kempinski Hotel, Nairobi. This was a culmination of the regional branch AGMs that happened in the month of April and March 2023. The AGM was  guided by the theme ‘Leading Enterprises in uncertain times”, which anchors well with the current changes in the economy, trends in the world of work as well as the recent economic shifts occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.  The event gave employers the opportunity to network and discuss their experiences over the last year and the emerging challenges.

The FKE Annual General Meeting was graced by Hon. Florence Bore, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, as a Chief Guest. In her keynote address, Hon Bore highlighted her ministries' vision for the labour sector and called upon  Employers to work together with the ministry  to  nurture a productive and competitive Labour sector. She further made a commitment to work with FKE to ensure industrial peace and harmony for the growth of the economy.


Hon. Bore acknowledged FKE’s role in advocating, championing, and articulating employers’ interests at the tripartite level. "I appreciate the key role the Federation of Kenya Employers has played over the years in shaping industrial relations in this country. I acknowledge your immense role in advocating, championing and articulating employers’ interests at the tripartite level thus ensuring a stable environment for employers to operate and grow the economy" She said 


The CS informed employers of the  gazettement of the members of the  National Labour Board which will go a long way in strengthening social dialogue " With the recent gazettement of the National Labour Board which is the apex body and advises on all matters relating to employment and labour, this will go a long way in promoting social dialogue within the labour sector. The Board will have it's sitting in the coming month to deliberate on a number of issues within the Labour sector" She emphasised.


Waziri further stated that the government was working on a number of policies that aim at creating a productive workforce which include:


  1. Draft Wages and Remuneration Policy 
  2. Productivity Measurement Framework 
  3. Draft National Policy on Labour Migration 
  4. Draft Labour Migration Management Bill


 The main business of the day commenced immediately after the address by the Cabinet Secretary as follows:



 The key agenda items included.   


  1. Receiving and adopting the annual report of Ms. Jacqueline Mugo (EBS),  Executive Director and CEO on the activities of the Federation for the year 2022.
  2. Receiving and adopting the report of Dr. Habil Olaka (EBS) ,National President Federation of Kenya Employers for the year 2022.
  3. Receiving and adopting the report of the FKE Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31st  December 2022
  4. Appointing External Auditors for the Federation for the year 2023 and authorize the Management Board to fix their remuneration.
  5. Electing persons to fill vacancies on the Management Board as per Article 14(1) (e) and 16 (2) of the FKE Constitution.


From the Agenda of the AGM, the following resolutions were passed: 

  1. Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting held on 22nd July 2021 were confirmed as true deliberations of the meeting. 
  2. The National President’s Report as presented by Dr. Habil Olaka was adopted by members. 
  3. The Annual Report 2022 giving highlights of FKE’s milestones and achievements as presented by the Executive Director & CEO, Ms Jacqueline Mugo was adopted by members. 
  4. FKE’s Auditors BDO East Africa  presented the Audited Financial Statements for the year 2022. The Financial Statements were adopted.      
  5. Two Board members  Dr. Patrick N. Tumbo and Dr. Rachel Monyoncho ,   were re-elected  as per Article 14(1) (e) and 16 (2) of the FKE Constitution. 

During the Open discussion session, Employers sought clarifications on the impact of  implementing  the  new  2023 Finance Act with great emphasis on the Housing Levy and NHIF .  Employers further expressed concerns on the effects of new tax measures on payroll costs, fearing that this could lead to increased costs of doing business and in worse cases downsizing of the workforce. They further  urged FKE to  continue engaging the government in order to mitigate and reduce the impact of the implementation of the Finance Act on their cash flows. The members acknowledged  the role played by the Federation in advancing  the advocacy agenda that positively influenced the environment for employers. 


ANNUAL REPORT - https://www.fke-kenya.org/sites/default/files/reports/FINALE%20Annual%20Report%20Design%202022%20Final%20Fin.pdf