23 Jan 2024

The Federation of Kenyan Employers (FKE) presented a comprehensive memorandum addressing key concerns and proposals on the Affordable Housing Bill (National Assembly Bill No. 75 of 2023) to the Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Housing, Urban Planning, and Public Works. Chaired by Hon. Johana Ngeno (Emurua Dikirr), the event took place at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi on 23rd January 2023. FKE was represented by Mr. Stephene Obiro, Head of Advocacy, Consulting & Partnership, who conveyed FKE’s recommendations on the proposed legislation. 


The Bill aims to establish a legal framework for the Affordable Housing Fund, ensuring access to accessible and adequate housing. Among the key proposals made by the Federation is the renaming of the bill to align with Article 43(1)(b) of the constitution, emphasizing housing provision and sanitation standards. Additionally, FKE suggests redefining "Affordable Housing" to include accessibility, adequacy, and reasonable sanitation, setting the cost at 15% of net basic income. Concerns regarding the definition of a "Collector" and the imposition of an affordable housing levy were also addressed, with FKE proposing clear definitions and capping the collector's share at a maximum of 0.5% to preserve resources for the intended purpose.


Furthermore, FKE raises issues related to the order of parts in the bill, proposing a swap between Part II and Part III for better alignment with the constitution. The organization emphasizes the need to include reasonable sanitation standards in the bill's object, aiming to prevent inadequate or inaccessible housing projects. FKE advocates for the deletion of certain provisions, such as Sections 11(a), (b), and (c), to ensure accountability and protect the Affordable Housing Fund. The proposals touch on various aspects, including the qualifications of the CEO, eligibility criteria, preference in the allocation of houses, and the role of the Board, all aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and fairness of the Affordable Housing Bill.FKE emphasized its commitment to constructive engagement in the legislative process to ensure that the Affordable Housing Bill aligns with the constitutional provisions and best serves the interests of all stakeholders.