02 Feb 2024

The FKE Board Management, led by the National President Dr. Habil Olaka, convened at Enashpai Resort & SPA in Naivasha from on 2nd February 2024 for a the FKE strategy retreat to validate the 2024-2028 strategic plan, a crucial step in shaping the future agenda for employers in Kenya.

This strategic planning session was led by experts from the Leadership Group, who included Dr. Percy Opio, Chief Executive of Strategy and Innovation, and Mr. Kepha Bosire, Chief Executive of Leadership, and Programs. The session emerged as a pivotal moment for shaping the strategic direction of the Federation.

In executing the previous strategy, FKE has been instrumental in championing the interests of employers through effective lobbying and advocacy at the tripartite level, actively collaborating with governmental, employer, and worker stakeholders. The enduring and strong connections within the labor and social spheres underscores the unwavering dedication. FKE takes pride in its representation on prominent boards, including those of the International Organization of Employers (IOE), International Labour Organization (ILO), BUSINESSAfrica Employers Confederation, and the East African Employers Organization (EAEO) .

The finalization of this strategic plan therefore signals a seamless continuation of FKE’s commitment to advancing employer concerns and contributing to influential dialogues on a global scale. FKE remains steadfast in its commitment to advocate for the interests of employers, skillfully navigate the ever-changing landscape, and work towards establishing a prosperous future for the employer community in Kenya.