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FKE Memorandum to National Assembly on NHIF Amendment Bill 2021
The Covid-19 Impact on Employers Survey Report
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Kenya Union of Journalists, BBC EAB & BBC monitoring signed their concluded Collective Bargaining Agreement today w… https://t.co/FZbDCIRM2v
Federation of Kenya Employers conducted its 2nd virtual membership induction forum today at it’s headquarters in Na… https://t.co/maPPXncKOA
2. Improving Technical & Vocational Training to ensure that what is offered meets industry needs 3. Gender Equality… https://t.co/nN42jpNovU
Partnership status update between the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)@NHO_no and @FKE, the organizati… https://t.co/Ukq0HpVTgf
Partnerships that will ensure the youth get the right skills, right competencies, behaviour & attitudes inorder to… https://t.co/q4qJYOFkmM
Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) focusses on protecting employees in the workplace from accidents, injuries & exp… https://t.co/Vei37QsM0I
Employers' support the vaccination drive. However, hesitancy to vaccinate and supply issues hamper the efforts. Sha… https://t.co/wtJqwbAsL9
As the hardest hit industry, the tourism sector quickly embraced vaccination because a healthy workforce is essenti… https://t.co/r0MKF4gXGs
The Ministry of Health and Employers undertake to work together to increase vaccine uptake in the Country. Employer… https://t.co/wdr4D5eJFt
For purpose of business continuity we all have a shared responsibility in this vaccination drive. #FKEWebinar https://t.co/IUqBb7xC2M
RT @KAHC_Kenya: The discussion is on-going, "the connection between health and safety and the enterprise.." @FKEKenya CEO Mrs. Jacqueline M…
.Morning #KOT don't miss out on this conversation as FKE @LabourSPKE and @MOH_Kenya demystify the myths around vacc… https://t.co/jk0KWBpeZm
RT @srckenya: Principles for determining and advising on remuneration and benefits in the public sector #RewardingProductivity https://t.co…
Our management board continues to play an oversight role on the activities of FKE. Read all about it on our 2020 An… https://t.co/TCqmQtNh3p
Meet the Management Board. The team who regularly streamline the aspirations of our members, tripartite partners an… https://t.co/g6wGqMlVC2
Speakers: Mrs. Jacqueline Mugo, CEO, FKE, Eng. Peter Tum, PS State Department of Labour, Dr. Mercy Mwagangi, CAS, M… https://t.co/l7pNmMbY7X
RT @nita_kenya: And it is done! @nita_kenya officially awarded a Certificate of Qualification by @KKnqa! This is a game-changer in the sust…
Happening now! Module 3 on Discipline Management at the Workplace. What are the remedies available on unfair or un-… https://t.co/ROIaisYvTp
We are glad that you could join us! #FKETrainings https://t.co/5cewT5FZ3d
"This #FKETRAINING was offered to build the capacity of participants to handle cases on indiscipline, consult FKE o… https://t.co/1NsqLaN2zs
Today we kicked off our Masterclass 219 on Discipline Management at the Workplace. The first module tackled the Le… https://t.co/9zO8daLptj
RT @ilo: ILO Convention no 190 calls on governments to realize a world of work free from violence & harassment, in consultation with emplo…
Our member @ButaliSugar appreciated the role #TeamFKE played in facilitating CBA negotiations with the Kenya Union… https://t.co/bsfjxP9bY2